Cricket World Cup, England Vs South Africa, Semi Final 1992

Cricket World cup, semi final , 1992,  England vs South Africa,One of the greatest world  matches of the times that went right down to the wire.

SA needed 22 runs from 13 balls. Tough by 1992 standards but not impossible with Brian McMillan on strike. Then it rained and when it stopped, the giant scoreboard was flashing : –

South Africa needed 22 runs from 1 ball.

The entire cricketing fraternity across the world were stunned. It was an intriguing day of cricket where the climax was converted into a shocker that stunned the entire cricket world.

Looks like the “terms and conditions” were not properly read or understood either by the players or even by those making them.

What do you learn from this?

  • Do you read the terms and conditions of your employment contract?
  • Do you read the Terms and conditions of your housing loan agreement?
  • Do you read the terms on conditions of the insurance products your buy?

If you read do you understand them well yourself or do you rely on the “expertise of the seller” to explain the financial product to you. DO you realise that those who are explaining these to you, mostly have no clue about what they are selling but just interested in making the commissions?

Do you realize that one fine day you may just become a victim of the such obscure terms and conditions like what happened to South Africa?

Beware of Financial Advisors – Subscribe to Youtube channel – MoneyGurukul 

Do you now understand that the devil is in the detail?

Next time please read and understand very document you sign. If you do not understand seek professional advise. If needed, pay for professional advise. Everything that is free means there is a much bigger cost to you or someone else. Those who are selling have no clue as well and they are only interested in their commissions.

Practice saying I am sorry.

I am sorry, your one month notice period in the employment contract is not good enough, I need atleast a three-month severance.

I am sorry, I will not give you blank cheques to get a housing loan, it is immoral.

I am sorry, your life insurance policy excludes terrorist attacks, war, drug overdose etc. In case of death I am not even there to fight my case.


Say I am sorry and walk away………or you will be sorry one day.


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