Thank you, Tech Mahindra

Thank you, Tech Mahindra
Over many years, I had failed to convince several incumbents about the importance of reading the offer letter and understanding its clauses. It is just a formality, they say.

I used to keep harping that the corporate jobs do not provide job security. Further they seldom provide job satisfaction. People never understood or believed it. During hiring it would be hard to convince the prospective employees that startups are a wonderful place to be in. Job security is a challenge but there is no job security anywhere.

If you believe in yourself, you do not need a corporate job to give you the identity. You build your own identity in startups and there are times your identity will be useful for the startups. Your pride and dignity will be in a far better place. Do not compromise on yourself because your neighbour has a corporate job. You will rather compete with yourself rather than with your neighbour. It is your life and do not let others drive it for you. It was hard and nearly impossible to communicate all this.

Thank you, Tech Mahindra. A two minute conversation of yours has communicated what I could not communicate in several years.


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